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Where future artistic efforts will highlight the global oppression experienced by innocent lives as nothing more than collateral damage for corporate profit & further mass exploitation.

These efforts are shared with you to help root us back into our own cultures, that we were torn from, so we can restore the health of our own communities & restore the health of our shared Mother Earth.

In 2020 the studio opened using hand bent steel & stained glass to speak out for the environment, women’s rights & Mother Earth, planning to donate 8% of profits to various Tribal Organizations for their Land Back efforts on occupied Turtle Island.

Now an additional 32% of all profits will go to organizations like UNRWA, Palestine Children’s Relief Fund & HEAL Palestine.

As business redirects for a future filled with needs to help educate our youth, Where The Metals Meet will continue to work towards the end goal of offering paid internships & apprenticeships for those who want to learn metal work while earning a thriving wage. There are many steps until this happens but that is always the goal, to provide a safe space for connecting, exploring creative ideas & sharing the metal working trade.

Logo colors reflect the changes as red represents the blood of innocent lives that I will work to uplift & support to help release from the brutal holds of a colonial patriarchal oppression. Green is for the bountifully abundant wildlife Mother Earth can offer if only we can work together to support her regeneration through rematriation.

Please join me in creating the changes that we have all wanted to see so we can leave a healthy future for our children & grandchildren, one where we can all thrive together. It means doing business differently, which we need to be open to, as our humanity is now dependent on us learning new ways to work together for our own future.

Orders will take longer, costs may be higher, however the quality will always remain to exceed your greatest expectations.
Please use the contact form to inquire about potential projects or collaborations.

As seen in This Is A List

As seen in This Is A List – View the article.

As seen in Authority Magazine

As seen in Authority Magazine – View the article

signature garden sculpture

Feeding Time~The Creation Process

  Sharing the creation process from concept to completion for ‘Feeding Time’, a signature sculpture. The concept for this particular sculpture came to me after watching our cat in action and understanding that house cats are a major cause of bird loss.  Completing this project is my little way to raise more awareness through sculpture […]

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