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Welcome to Where The Metals Meet

Where future artistic efforts will highlight the global oppression experienced by innocent lives as nothing more than collateral damage for corporate profit & further mass exploitation.

These efforts are shared with you to help root us back into our own cultures, that we were torn from, so we can restore the health of our own communities & restore the health of our shared Mother Earth.

In 2020 the studio opened using hand bent steel & stained glass to speak out for the environment, women’s rights & Mother Earth, planning to donate 8% of profits to various Tribal Organizations for their Land Back efforts on occupied Turtle Island.

Now an additional 32% of all profits will go to organizations like UNRWA, Palestine Children’s Relief Fund & HEAL Palestine.

As business redirects for a future filled with needs to help educate our youth, Where The Metals Meet will continue to work towards the end goal of offering paid internships & apprenticeships for those who want to learn metal work while earning a thriving wage. There are many steps until this happens but that is always the goal, to provide a safe space for connecting, exploring creative ideas & sharing the metal working trade.

Logo colors reflect the changes as red represents the blood of innocent lives that I will work to uplift & support to help release from the brutal holds of a colonial patriarchal oppression. Green is for the bountifully abundant wildlife Mother Earth can offer if only we can work together to support her regeneration through rematriation.

Please join me in creating the changes that we have all wanted to see so we can leave a healthy future for our children & grandchildren, one where we can all thrive together. It means doing business differently, which we need to be open to, as our humanity is now dependent on us learning new ways to work together for our own future.

Orders will take longer, costs may be higher, however the quality will always remain to exceed your greatest expectations.
Please use the contact form to inquire about potential projects or collaborations.

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About Tanya, the Artist~

Thank you for checking out my site, I appreciate you being here and wanting to learn more about me and the reasons why I create the custom welded steel art!

My name is Tanya, I go by she/her and I live with my husband and teenaged son with our dogger Izzy and wildling of a cat named Archer.

We live near the Valley of The Moon, on the Traditional Homelands of the Wappo, Pomo and Miwok Tribes in what is now called Sonoma.  I grew up in the wilds of Alaska, beneath the Aurora and the Ravens, amongst the Moose and Birch Trees on the Traditional Homelands of the Tanana Tribe.  This exposure gave me the deepest of appreciation for all of the gifts that Nature has for us, and gratitude for the opportunity to see some of those precious treasures and resources in their most natural of settings.  My artwork has always come from a place in my heart where I feel I can try to share all of the magic of Nature in a simple and creative way.

The literal spark began for me in 1990 when I took an advanced sculpture class in college~the passion was instantly lit for metal art work when I made that first spark with the welder.  1997 I got my welding certificate and worked the field for a couple of years. 1999 I was working in a welding shop building frames for radiation machines for breast cancer treatments.  A car accident on my way home one day changed my welding future, in my favor actually…the settlement from the driver going the wrong way down a one way street allowed me to buy equipment to work on my own projects from my home studio.

I also got laid off from that job since there was no ‘light duty’ to perform and my wrists were too injured from the accident for the heavy gauge material and equipment used.  While I was recovering from the accident, I went to see an Acupuncturist, after a few treatments, they asked if I wanted to work in their office!  So I worked with them for many years, becoming their office manager, while building my little welding side business.  I built custom gates, created portable barbecue grills out of water pressure tanks no longer in use, did trailer modifications and custom builds for clients storage needs.

It helped provide space to create the art that I so loved at the same time.  Some of my pieces sold to ‘Faces’, one of the local LGBTQ bars that my then wife and I used to frequent.  I created donated pieces for our local VFW and thoroughly enjoyed building for that venture.  I closed the shop in 2004 because of pregnancy, childbirth and then a divorce followed by years of health issues while raising my son.

For many years, when my physical body wasn’t cooperating with me, I managed offices for Naturopathic Doctors, Acupuncturists and Herbalists.  I worked for several of them while they treated my health issues when I really struggled with a diagnosis of celiac & microscopic colitis in 2015.  I also trained and licensed in Esthetics, certifying in Oncology Esthetics and built up a thriving practice until covid shut my doors in March of 2020.

It was all of theses experiences that helped to lay out the foundation for my future,  creating welded steel artwork, while also in gaining deeper understandings and sharing that information about health and skin …not usually a combo you might find together, I get it, but the two had been intertwined for years.

It was during the great pause of the pandemic that I found my way back to the steel I so love to be around. My body had regained enough strength that I could finally work with the metal and allow it to help strengthen me even more.  The opportunity to work with it again nourished my soul and filled my heart with purpose when all of the days seemed so very dark and heavy.  It brought connection back for me when it seemed to be rapidly slipping away.

When my physical body allowed, working with steel has always been my preferred way to earn a living.  Pregnancy, parenthood, celiac disease and colitis took me off track for a few years, stealing my strength.  But I am back once again, this time with more purpose, vision and drive than I have ever felt!

Recently, my global awareness has grown exponentially, in ways that I never could have imagined.  It has created new, solid connections that will offer more opportunity for future collaborations on bigger projects.  All of this will be reflected in my art and the projects that I do work on in the future.  There has been a re-alignment in my values, a shedding of what doesn’t ultimately serve our collective liberation paired with the rematriation of our Mother Earth.

There are many pieces that have been percolating in my head and heart over these last couple months, years and decades.  I am really excited to bring them to life and share their messages with you!

Thank you for joining me on this journey, if you are inspired to create something in steel, or steel and glass, please email me; tanya@wherethemetalsmeet.com I do so look forward to connecting!

The steel art coming from Tanya’s studio is about creating thought provoking ideas to share that might shift our direction to one which is more nurturing, nourishing & connected.

Tanya is all about creating custom pieces of welded steel art, where there is a limitless potential of opportunity, especially when glass is incorporated.  Hoping to create pieces to help alter thought processes, while inspiring a more positively impactful and healthier way of being, doing and connecting.

Acknowledging that we are living on stolen land, of the Pomo, Wappo and Miwok Tribes, and trying to move forward in proper relationship, the business pledge’s to share 8% of profits, quarterly with local Indigenous Tribes and their affiliated Organizations.  Not only do they deserve our support in rebuilding their resources, but that support in turn helps nurture Mother Earth and all of the flora and fauna that we all need to thrive.  This is to honor the request of us participating in paying a ‘Shuumi’ or Land Tax, as suggested by the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust.

There are much bigger plans in the works, like opening a shop space to invite in student interns and apprentices to learn metalworking skills creating art while also earning a thriving wage and leaving with a supply of gear for their own future use!   As the studio grows, please keep checking back or follow on Instagram @wherethemetalsmeet!  There will be email updates eventually, but for now, best way to see current works is Instagram.

You can use the Email Signup below to be notified.  You won’t get spam emails from the studio, more like one or two postcard type messages a month when I finally start that process.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more,  I look forward to sharing the ideas that come as I get to bring them to life in metal and glass.

I also look forward to connecting with you in the future!

  • Mission

    To inspire deeper thought into our daily lives and actions through steel artwork, hoping to shift the way we think about and approach our habits and routines.

  • Vision

    To create meaningful pieces of art for home or business, indoors or out while inspiring impactful & positive changes. To share and teach this metal working craft to youth with paid apprenticeships.

  • Values

    Our connections; to each other, deeply valuing diversity, inclusion, compassion, empathy and honesty. Greatly valuing our connection to Spirit/s, the Waters, Land, Forests, and the Creatures that inhabit these worlds.

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