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For Art: If you are interested in creating a custom design, or ordering any variation of one the signature pieces, please complete the contact form and I will be in touch to discuss what you are looking for.  I am always happy to hear new ideas and collaborate together on something different!

For Apprenticeship: If you are in the Sonoma area and interested in learning about participating in a paid apprenticeship program, please complete the form and I will get back to you!  There is a new opportunity unfolding and I look forward to opening shop space soon to bring in apprentices to earn a thriving wage.  This will also providing necessary safety equipment for you during your learning time that you can take with you on to your own adventures after the program, once you have some basics down!

For Instagram: The studio is @wherethemetalsmeet, please give me a follow to keep up with new projects and what is driving me in our world to help inspire greater changes!

Newsletter: One day, I will actually put out a newsletter, that time is a bit off but if you want to be on it…go ahead and sign up…promise I won’t be spamming you!  Discounts may be offered here too so it’s a good way to stay in touch if you want upcoming sales!  (it’s easy to unsubscribe at any time if you don’t want to receive them any longer).

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