Nature~Inspires Everything For Me

This is why it is so important to support the Land Back efforts…to support those who care for the Land…

There will be more here in the future highlighting individual inspirational moments that lead to the custom metal art that I create.

For now, the Land Back effort is the greatest inspiration for me to move this venture forward to success.

Land Acknowledgement for LandBack

I am forever inspired by the knowledge and wisdom of the Indigenous People of Turtle Island.  After recognizing my own colonized upbringing, I will be working to raise funds to support efforts of Tribes across this continent.  A portion of some of my profits for particular pieces will go to various Tribal Organizations.

In learning how to stand better with all of my fellow humans, I have wondered what approach to take in this important work of writing a Land Acknowledgement in support of LandBack. 

I have looked to several resources, especially and to help navigate this journey.  Our local public television station has free access to FNX, First Nations Experience.  There, I have learned so much about the Traditional Wisdom and Cultures of the Indigenous People of Turtle Island.

With the guidance of these resources, here is what I have come to as a starting point in a land acknowledgment, I’m sure it will evolve as I learn more; 

I recognize that I can do what I love while living on the stolen Traditional Homelands of the Pomo and Coast Miwok Tribes in what they call The Valley of The Moon.  What is more recently known as the area of Sonoma, California.

With the condition of our world, our relationships and connections to each other, the land and the creatures, I look to the Indigenous Guides to learn how to be a better human.  How to unlearn the beliefs and ideals that have been passed down to me through generations of forced colonial living.

Because of the Gifts and Knowledge that they hold, I feel it is important to invest in the Tribal Communities around us.  To better help uplift and support them financially so they can access the resources they need which first and foremost is through gaining their Land Back.

As a business operating on these stolen lands, I feel it is important to offer to pay a land use tax, or Shuumi~which means Gift in Chochenyo according to the website.  This is just one of the Northern California Tribal organizations, based on Ohlone Tribal Land, in the East Bay area.  They share how we can better show up as allies or accomplices if you are curious about learning more.

Where The Metals Meet pledges 8% of profits earned on signature pieces will go to Tribal Organizations for a land use tax towards Land Back.  I will look to organizations locally like The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, The Dry Creek Rancheria Band Pomo Indians and for where I grew up, I will look to The Tanana Chiefs Conference.

I feel that taking these steps of discovery are important in a path to solidarity.  If you would like to join me, please contact me so we can set up a conversation!

If you are Indigenous, Black, Asian, Pacific Islander or a Person of Color running a small business or non profit benefiting social or environmental justice, I offer as a gift in solidarity; I would love to create a piece to support your endeavor, please reach out!   I would love to make a complementary piece that could be used for fundraising, marketing or just for your own joy.  If you have an idea, let’s collaborate on a project!

Thank you for taking this time with me.

With Gratitude,


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