Order Signature & Commissioned Custom Steel Art

Ordering Signature Sculptures

Each piece of steel artwork is sculpted by hand; from the cuts, to the bends, to the welds, it is all crafted to last longer than a lifetime.  They are infused with joy and positivity, created from my heart with love.

Signature pieces are made according to a pattern, however slight variations may occur.

Some may be in stock, most are created upon request.

Customizable finishes & mounting options | Sent out within 2-4 weeks of order -shipping sooner whenever possible or when item is in stock.

Ordering Custom Commissioned Art~

  • Commissioned pieces can take longer than 2-6 weeks for creation, all  depending on the level of complexity.  A more specific timeline will be quoted upon confirmation of the order.
  • Refunds are not available for deposits on custom pieces~once you pay the first 1/2 of the total, I purchase materials specifically for your project, they are not returnable to the steel vendor and often may not be usable for another project.
    • The process would be cancelled at this point and no further work would be done and no additional charges would be applied.
  • No idea is too far out, run it by me, let’s chat about what you want and how we can make it happen!

Please use the form below to start the process of your custom order. We will be in touch to discuss further details.


  • No finish-Items can be completed with no exterior sealant, they will quickly turn to a rusted finish when left outside in the elements. No additional cost for shipping an item in its raw state with no finish.  It may arrive to you already fully rusted.
  • Spray Paint-Items can be spray painted with a color of choice (as long as it is available to me locally), if it is kept indoors, it will last indefinitely especially if the air is dry.  If it is out in the elements, re-coating will need to be done (by you) to prevent rusting.
    • For a silver finish with a clear coat, additional charges will apply as it may take several hours (depending on the size of the piece) to clean to silver.
  • Powder Coating-Finishes can last up to 20 years, for an exterior finish, indoors, it will last lifetimes.   Costs vary depending on the size of the piece and there are so many color choices to choose from.
    • I do not do the powder coating but I can deliver the piece to the company in Rohnert Park who will: Vaider Powder Coating~all charges will be paid directly to them for the finish coating.  If the item is being shipped or delivered to you, I pick it back up from them and get it to you.
signature garden sculpture

How The Order Process Goes For Signature Pieces:

  • At the time of initial purchase of the art, 1/2 of the order is charged, the remainder is charged after calculating shipping costs before it ships to you.

  • Shipping and handling costs are separate from the price of the artwork and will vary depending on the size of the piece and its final destination.
  • Shipping costs are calculated once the item is packaged and ready to ship.
  • Safe and secure credit card processing through Stripe.
  • None of your credit card information will be stored and your personal information will never be sold or shared.
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